Storage Containers

Types and Sizes of Storage Containers

Storage containers are those containers that are used for storage of items, commercial goods, furniture and any type of properties in the storage facility or by shipping companies to keep items they want to move. These storage facilities are available in a number of sizes and types. They also differ in the features available in them some of which are determined by the type and size of the container. Here are some types and sizes of storage containers

Types of Storage Containers

Storage containers are classified in various ways. One of the ways of classifying storage facility is according to the material used in creating them. Based on the material used in creating storage facility, there are basically four types of storage facilities which include the following:

Metal: This is one of the commonest sizes of storage container. As the name already tells, you it is a type of container that is made with a metal. Several types of metals like steel, aluminum and iron are used for the construction of metal container. There are also some special made storage containers that are constructed with metal and wooden material. Generally, metal storage container is regarded as the most durable because of the metal construction. Rodents cannot burrow in it. Some have doors with strong locks which make it difficult for burglars to break into them. They can also be used for other reasons such as a mobile office.  Metal storage facilities are available in a number of sizes as well.

Wooden: As the name already tells you, this is a type of storage facility that is made with wooden material. Several types of woods such as hardwood, softwood, veneer woods and others can be used in creating wooden storage units depending on the nature of items to be stored in it. Wooden storage containers are normally used by shipping industries for storage or crating of items during shipping. Home storage units are mostly made from wood. Such storage facilities especially those made with hardwoods are very durable.

Plastic: This is a type of storage facility that is made with plastic material. They are not as durable as other types of storage containers. They are available in a number of sizes and can be used for the storage of a number of items.

Concrete: This is a very strong storage unit when made from concrete. Though this type of storage unit is very strong, it is not common owing to a number of reasons such as construction of cost, not flexible and re-locatable to another place and many more.

Sizes of Storage Containers

Storage containers are available in a number of sizes so that different sizes of items can be kept inside it. Here are some sizes of storage containers:

Standard Width: This is an 8 foot container which can be customized to meet the needs of the user. The door is fixed at various locations like front, back and sides. A container of this size can be partitioned for storage purposes and easy shelving.

Extra Wide: This size of storage container is normally used for shipping purposes and for retail applications. It is portable and may be partitioned for better shelving and organized and easy storage. The door can be placed either in front, by the side or front and back.

Storage Trailer: It is a very portable storage container. It is constructed mainly with metal and mounted on a trailer for easy mobility. Storage trailer is available in a number of sizes such as 20×20 feet storage unit.

Other sizes of storage containers are:

  • 10×10 feet
  • 20×20 feet
  • 40×20 feet and others

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